NPC Adventures

It's time to adventure! Go on an adventure with the villagers from Pelican Town!

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Current version 1.0.2  – Compatible with SDV 1.5.6

What is NPC Adventures?

NPC Adventures is a Stardew Valley mod which allows you take villagers to an adventure. Go fight with monsters in the mines, forage in woods near the town or go fishing with your spouse or a friend, or whatever you want. Talk to them while adventuring together to new unique dialogue lines, accept new quests and challenges and became great adventurer in the valley with wonderful companion by your side.

Recruit a companion

Recruit a companion

Once you reach 5 or more hearts with a villager you can recruit them.

Unique personal skills

Unique personal skills

Some villagers have unique personal skills:
warrior, fighter, doctor, forager and spiritual*.

Companion's bag

Companion's bag

You can transfer items from your inventory anytime to your recruited follower.

New original dialogues

Recruited followers have unique dialogues in different locations.

and more…


Companion Personal skills Buffs
Abigail Warrior +1 Speed, +1 Luck, +1 Attack
Alex Warrior +1 Speed, +2 Attack
Elliott Fisherman, Fighter +3 Fishing
Emily Spiritual +2 Mining
Haley Scared, Protector, Fighter +2 Luck
Harvey Doctor, Fighter +3 Defense
Kent Shooter, Warrior +1 Attack, +2 Defense
Leah Forager, Fighter +2 Foraging
Maru Doctor, Fighter Select from: Attack + 1, Luck + 1, Speed + 1, Farming +1, Foraging +1, Fishing +1
Penny Forager, Fighter +3 Farming
Sam Fighter +3 Speed
Sebastian Warrior +1 Speed, +1 Luck, +1 Attack
Shane Fighter +3 Farming, -1 Luck

This mod includes only bachelorettes and bachelors from original Stardew Valley as companions.
If you want to add other NPCs as companions, please check 3rd party content packs, or create your own.

The gameplay

Adventure mode

By default this mod is played in adventure mode. This mode adds quests and events for recruited followers. In order to recruit followers, you must receive the letter from Marlon with an invitation to meet which will trigger the Introduction Event.

For Marlon's invitation you must meet these conditions:

  1. At first reach the 20th level of the mines in mountains
  2. Be granted access to the Adventurer's guild
  3. Then you will receive letter from Marlon with invitation
  4. After you receive Marlon's letter, you must meet him in the Adventurer's guild

If you meet all of these conditions above, you are eligible to recruit a companion!

Classic mode

If you don’t want to use Adventure mode, and only want villagers to follow you, just disable ‘Adventure mode’ in configuration . By disabling Adventure mode you enable Classic mode, which removes ALL extra quests and events! You can recruit a companion instantly (if you have 5 hearts or more with the NPC you want recruit).

How to play

Ask an NPC to follow you by right clicking when no dialogues are queued. Trigger NPC actions (use their backpack, dismiss them) by right clicking when NPC is recruited and no dialogues are queued.


  • Works with Stardew Valley 1.5.6 on Windows Linux and Mac
  • Single player only (Multiplayer is not supported)

Note for Android users

Since release Stardew Valley 1.5 this mod is not supported on Android, because latest Stardew Valley is not released yet for this platform. NPC Adventures is compiled against latest SDV version which is not Android compatible.

Known compatible mods

  • Custom Kissing Mod - 100% compatible (from NPC Adventures 0.9.0 with Custom Kissing Mod 1.2.0 and newer).
  • Json Assets - You can use custom weapons in disposition file from JA in your content packs via weapon name (Only swords supported).
  • Pacifist Valley - You can give some love to monsters with companions together! For full compatibility you need install Compatibility content pack . Requires NPC Adventures 0.15.0 or newer.

Incompatible mods

  • Automatic gates - Companions can get stuck when gates automatically close after farmer.

Made by


Producer & Leader
Rakovník, Czech Republic
Czech, English


Creator & Developer
Seattle, USA


Honorary Producer
Toronto, Canada

Special thanks to

Nymeria, Orelse, Mortimer and CallMeFoxie (past team members and collaborators); Arknir (for events); ThatsMyCake for revival support of this mod. You're awesome!

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