Requires seen 5 heart event to unlock, then 2 hearts and combat level at least 6 to recruit.

Shooter, Warrior +1 Attack, +2 Defense

Kent is a special freelance companion unlocked later in game after are eligible to recruit all vanilla bacheloretes and bachelors and seen his 5 heart unlocking event. You can recruit him for money, his base cost is 3000 golds. If you befriend him more, you can get a sale for his recruitment.


Base cost of Recruitment: 3000 Gold


  1. 20% sale 8 - 10 hearts
  2. 50% sale 10 hearts
  3. FREE 10 hearts with Kent and at least 6 hearts with Jodi.
  4. 20% increased price you have less than 4 hearts.

Recruitment Requirements

  • Time: 0600 - 2200.
  • Must have seen five heart event.
  • Must have at least two hearts.
  • Must have Combat level of at least 6.


6Ossified Blade26-42
8Dark Sword30-45
10Galaxy Sword60-80

Idle behaviors

He can look around.