Requires at least 4 hearts.

Fighter +3 Speed

Sam is a standard companion unlocked after Marlon's invitation. You need at least 5 hearts to recruit him.

Recruitment Requirements

  • Time: 0600 - 2200.
  • Must have at least five hearts.
  • On Monday and Wednesday, 1600-2200 (He works these days).
  • On Friday, after 1500, will reject unless at least eight hearts.
  • If married, will always accept if not less than eight hearts.


0Sam's Old Guitar1-3
1Wooden Blade3-7
2Steel Smallsword4-8
3Pirate’s Sword8-14
5Forest Sword8-18
7Neptune’s Glaive18-35
8Templar’s Blade22-29
9Tempered Broadsword29-44

Idle behaviors

He can look around, play a guitar or gameboy or skateboarding.