Content packs

32 content packs shown
Official content pack NPC Adventures (It's time to adventure) PurrplingCat
Verified content pack Aspen - NPC Adventures (EN PT-BR) invatorzen
Verified content pack Hector and Mateo for NPC Adventures DestyNova and Agent Lyoko
Verified content pack Ridgeside Village - NPC Adventures Addon Rafseazz and mamaesh
(SVE) Stardew Valley Expanded Companions - NPC Adventures Somohexual
Add Shiko to NPC Adventures Orelsethis
Blanche_The librarian in Pelican town MIDI
Boarding House to Npc adventures andril11
Caroline for NPC Adventures Grim Reapers
Custom NPC - Riley SG
Custom NPC Roronoa Zoro - NPC Adventures EmpressKimi
Denver to NPC Adventures andril11 and ExnoticTest
Deremas SV companion for NPC Adventures Tikamin557
Deremas Stardew Valley 8bitcanvas
Dwarf for NPC Adventures itsLovely
Jade NPC Malic
Juliet to NPC Adventures Agent Lyoko
Juna for NPC Adventures elhrvy
Krobus - NPC Adventures akane2010
Lance(SVE) To NPC Adventures Kira and iridium hoe
Lavril - NPC Adventures Arknir27
Lucikiel - New Custom NPC (King's Raid) Arknir
Lunna - Astray in Stardew Valley Rafseazz
Miku companion for NPC Adventures (EN-JP-RU) Tikamin557
NPC Adventures PacifistValley compatibility pack PurrplingCat
Puji Adventures companion Puffolotti
Rodney for NPC Adventures TheFrenchDodo and Acesurfer
Sandy to NPC Adventures Agent Lyoko
Sasuke - NPC Adventures Hamnugh
Steve from Stranger Things WatchfulTigerlily
Wilford - New Custom NPC Florance Bless
Wizard for NPC Adventures (Romanceable Rasmodius Compatible) PaintedParrot

This page shows all known NPC Adventures content packs and it's updated every few days. Any content pack that doesn't work? Or do you want add your content pack to this list? Tell us.

When you run into trouble with a specific NPC that is added by another mod or content pack, talk to the author of the bridge content pack first before asking help directly at NPC Adventures. There's a higher probability of the issue being within that content pack before NPC Adventures itself.