NPC Adventures internal assets map

Map of NPC Adventures assets

All of these enlisted assets here can be patched with Content Patcher (or by C# code).

  • Mods/purrplingcat.npcadventure/Forages - The forages definition. The original source file for this asset is placed in Mod's folder in assets/forages.json
  • Mods/purrplingcat.npcadventure/Cursors/AskToFollow" - The cursor for request something for the companion. Source: assets/cursors/ask_to_follow.png
  • Mods/purrplingcat.npcadventure/Cursors/Love - The love sprite which can be shown for spiritual skilled companions. Source: assets/cursors/love.png
  • Mods/purrplingcat.npcadventure/Cursors/Skills/Charmer - Charmer skill icon PNG. Source: assets/cursors/skills/charmer.png
  • Mods/purrplingcat.npcadventure/Cursors/StandardSkills - All standard companion skills icons. Source: assets/cursors/standard_skills.png