Requests with shift key

Due to conflicts with some mods, we added a way to request (ask) a companion to join you, by using the request shift key. You can enable this option in configuration.


In the config.json, there is an option, allow requests with shift key. Optionally, you can change a shift key binding. By default is used LeftShift.

How to use

If you are eligible to recruit a companion and you want to do it, hold the shift key (LeftShift by default) and press the action button (RightClick by default on PC). Keep the shift key pressed while performing this action. If done correctly, you will get a request dialogue for recruiting a companion. If you recruited a companion and want to make a request (save items to bag or dismiss them), you must use the shift key too.

Since NPC Adventures 1.0 you can use the hybrid mode, which works both with and without the shift key. If you press the shift key, it always overrides the default action and shows the companion dialogue menu.

How to configure

If you want to change the behavior of using the shift key, you can do that in config.json with the properties RequestsWithShift and RequestsShiftButton (to define which key is the shift key).

The options for the RequestsWithShift property are:

  • Disabled - Requests with shift key are disabled
  • Enabled (default) - Requests with shift key are enabled (hybrid mode)
  • Required - Hold shift key is REQUIRED to request companion dialogue menu of the companion

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