Upcoming version

  • Added Kent as freelance companion (fighter and shooter)
  • Added shooter skill
  • Haley got assigned a protector skill
  • Added protector skill
  • Tweaked fight parameters for Abigail, Alex, Maru, Harvey, Haley, Elliott, Shane, Sebastian and Sam
  • Added more companion dialogues
  • More immersive adventure acceptance rules for all companions
  • Farmer no longer can ask for an adventure when NPC is already sleeping
  • Added scared animation for Haley
  • Companions having scared skill now can show scared animation frame (optional)
  • Added configurable JSON options for scared skill
  • Improved requests with shift button config option (Disabled, Enabled or Required)
  • Fixed companion hint cursor and their transparency
  • Doctor skill can show remaining medkits on their skill icon
  • Companion HUD was moved to left side of screen and slighly redesigned
  • Redone skill icons
  • Added command npcadventures.inspect <companion> to inspect companion disposition data
  • Added command npcadventures.companions to list available companions
  • Added command npcadventures.dumpbag to immediatelly dump companion bag to farmhouse (for debug)
  • Refactored dumping companion bags (hopefuly this fixes spawn bag packade to inacessible place). 0.x dumped bags are no longer revived, but available as standard chest to avoid item loss.
  • Debug commands now uses prefix npcadventures. (like npcadventures.recruit Abigail)
  • Refractored location based dialogues
  • Maru now has only two medkits (Harvey still has 3 medkits)
  • Added configurable JSON options for doctor skill
  • Warrior skill was merged under fighter skill (enable warrior by setting fighter skill option IsWarrior to true)
  • Added configurable JSON options for fighter skill
  • Added freelancers
  • Refactored recruitment dialogue
  • Added support for individual bed-time for each companion
  • Added support for custom adventure accept/reject rules for each companion individually
  • Added Charmer skill (desired for RSV)
  • Lore content was separated into own Content Patcher content pack
  • Added Content Patcher support
  • Changed distribution files structure
  • Dropped old Content Pack loader (pre-1.0 content packs are no longer loaded)
  • Refactored CSM internals
  • New companion disposition and content pack format

0.17.3 "Blackhole"

  • Friendly and safe error when something failed while applying patch by a content pack
  • Fixed item loss while dumping companion packages at morning

0.17.2 "Blackhole"

  • Fixed CurrentController reference (avoid red errors spam when AI init failed - content packs)
  • Fixed warp to default NPC location when no schedule after dismiss
  • Fixed parsing of arrival schedule time
  • Fixed null reference pointer to location in HintDriver
  • English corrections in Emily companion event (SandyHouse)

0.17.1 "Blackhole"

  • Fixed master schedule parse for no schedule

0.17.0 "Blackhole"

  • Fixed missing strings for spiritual companion class
  • Added config option EnableSuggestions to enable or disable adventure suggestions by NPCs
  • Removed old way to check events
  • Fixed horse riding problem when you have a companion

0.16.5 "Revival"

  • Fixed talk blocking problem with quest

0.16.4 "Revival"

  • Fixed compatibility for SDV 1.5.6
  • Changed license and marked mod as closed-source

0.16.3 "Revival"

  • Fixed Quest Framework version dependency to 1.4 in manifest.json

0.16.2 "Revival"

  • Fixes rare error in GetCharacterFromName() postfix (thx shekurika)
  • Changed Harmony references to Harmony2.0 (thx shekurika)

0.16.1 "Revival"

  • Fixed issue with following through cooled lava in volcano
  • Added some extra warnings when playing in multiplayer (which is not supported)

0.16.0 "Christmas Miracle"

  • Added companion event for Emily
  • Added companion event for Haley
  • Added swimsuits (uses vanilla SDV beach sprites)
  • Updated to working with SDV 1.5 (SMAPI 3.8)
  • Added spouse recruitment dialogue for most companions
  • Added fisherman skill for Elliott
  • Added support for availability (via EPU condition in companion dispositions file)
  • Added translation registry. Translations must have their own manifest.json file
  • Added support for optional assets in ContentLoader
  • Added support for EPU conditions in companion event cutscenes (EPU is required)

0.15.0 "Tasty Kimchi"

Released 26th November 2020

  • Fixed log name for lockedDoorWarp error case
  • Added mod-accessible api NpcAdventureModApi (thx aedenthorn aka iLoveLucy)
  • Loading of legacy content packs (format 1.2 and older) is now DISABLED by default. (User can enable support for legacy packs in config file)
  • Added support for companion events (for future NA cutscenes and for use in content packs)
  • Added support for custom weapons for all combat levels (supports JSON assets weapons)
  • Redefined swords for (almost) each companion
  • Tuned fighting behavior
  • Added new companion skill: spiritual - sends love&peace to monsters and they don't attack on farmer
  • Reassigned companion skill: Emily is now spiritual and do not fight with monsters
  • Added compatibility with PacifistValley mod (needs install compatibility content pack too)
  • Added priority field for patches in content packs (format 1.4)

0.14.1 "Major Minority"

Released 27th July 2020

  • Try to fix cursor fog in mines

0.14.0 "Major Minority"

Released 26th July 2020

  • Added new hint cursor (on NPC mouse hover) for ask to follow dialog
  • Fixed possible exception in Abigail's reaction on interaction with her wardrobe in bathroom.
  • Default swords for companions in CompanionDispositions are file are now defined by their name (This adds support for custom swords)
  • Player can entry companion's house any time when this companion is recruited.
  • Prepare for upcoming features: Mod now is based on Quest Framework (Quest Framework mod is required)
  • Movement control was exposed in PurrplingCore for other SMAPI modders without requiring NA (for SMAPI mods devs)
  • Internal changes: Changed project structure, move some common parts to PurrplingCore shared VS project (for NA devs only)

0.13.0 beta "Useless mod"

Released 21st June 2020

  • Removed lovely glowing when farmer recruit married spouse.
  • Added random chance for quality forages
  • Fixed iridium quality index (#150)
  • Hardcoded forage items moved to content file
  • Added debug flags for better debugging and testing while development
  • Added special farm forages which foragers can find on the Farm (based on farm type).
  • Fixed companion bags on Android (#116)
  • Fixed unexpected move of recruited spouse in FarmHouse.
  • Player can gain extra friendship points every whole hour while adventuring with companions (#109)
  • Fixed walk-in-square schedule conflict with companion following.
  • Added swimsuit sprites for Abigail, Alex, Emily, Haley, Sam and Sebastian (experimental feature, must be enabled in config.json).
  • Fixed the "Jesus" bug in the SpA bathroom. Companions can swim (#142)
  • Mod's translation was moved to the separated folder /locale/<localeCode> and not requires the suffix .<localeCode>.json
  • Introduced new simplified content pack definition format version 1.3
  • Redone content and content pack loader

0.12.0 beta "Go out"

Released 22nd May 2020

  • Fighters don't fight with bones of mummy when mummy was "defeated"
  • Recruited companion run to farmer when they are too far.
  • Optimized companion dialogue fetching and avoid annoing lags while gameplay with recruited companion.
  • Redone events checking (added option to enable check NA's events by patched GameLocation.checkForEvents() method - EXPERIMENTAL, to enable switch on Experimental.UseCheckForEventsPatch in config.json) - this fixes re-enter location for trig NA event if more events in stack to play in location.
  • Different (customized) bag delivery letters for each companion NPC
  • Option for aks for recruit/show companion dialog with hold shift key (optional, disabled by default. To enable switch on RequestsWithShift, RequestsShiftButton to change requests shift key binding in config.json)
  • Finally fixed annoying dialogue shown while fighting with companion (disabled by default. To enable switch on option Experimental.FightThruCompanion in config.json)
  • Added critical fist cooldown
  • Improved healing by doctors (added medkit power, increased healing cooldown, progressive healing only if healing countdown is not under 10% of their progress)
  • Improved fighting (better check leader radius, improved damage monster, less speechbubble spam while fighting)
  • Removed outdated and unmaintained localizations: French and Chinese (Chinese is still available as standalone package)
  • Fighter and Warrior companion not fight with monsters which are too near farmer
  • Wife/Husband companion auto-dismisses at midnight (others still at 10pm)
  • Refactored DialogueHelper to DialogueProvider, added dialogues reload retry (I hope this fixes dialogue loss incident, bug #125)
  • Fighter and Warrior checks only valid monsters around to switch a fight mode
  • Added debug command npcadventure_recruit for instant recruit a companion (only for singleplayer or server and for DEBUG PURPOSES ONLY!)
  • Refactored cooldown managing
  • Added scared skill (this companion occasionally screeches when they see a monster and jump away)
  • Leah got forager skill
  • Added forager skill (Companions can forage)
  • Refactored and enhanced follow movement system
  • Mod attempts to detect potential conflicting patches and inform player in the log (in debug mode as warning, otherwise as info level log)
  • Mod uses internal harmony lib in SMAPI (remove 0harmony.dll from the mod folder when upgrading)
  • Harmony patching is now more safer (Hope this can help to solve problems with harmony patches on Linux/Mac)
  • Changed license

0.11.2 beta

Released 17th April 2020

  • Fixed crash on Linux/Mac when mod's quest was opened. (thx @kdau)

0.11.1 beta

Released 8th April 2020

  • Fixed nullpointer in HintDriver (#122)
  • Fixed Alex's spouse dialogue line
  • Fixed problem with loading asset Data/AnimationDescription on linux and mac

0.11.0 beta "It's finally here, uf"

Released 22th February 2020

  • Android support (experimanal) (#103 #106) Thx @MaxPresi
  • Added special errors and warning log messages for known incompatabilities (#101)
  • Changed Marlon's invitaion letter conditions (#95)
  • Fixed invalid cast for quests and events assets (#89)
  • Added support for localizations in content packs (#83 #89)
  • Separated follow movement system (#102)
  • INTERNAL Added tool for localization coverage reporting

0.10.2 beta

Released 2nd February 2020

  • Fixed text deffects for Maru and Marlon's letter (#90)
  • Fixed typos and grammar in english texts (#77) Thx to @corrinr
  • Marlon's invitation letter will be delivered immediatelly when your day started, if you met all Marlon's conditions and your letter has no been yet. (#92)

0.10.1 beta

Released 18th January 2020

  • Fixed angry kiss rejection covered ask2follow dialog. Now dialog shows immediately when player can't kiss.
  • Better failsafe when animation behavior got broken animation description (no game crash)

0.10.0 beta "New adventure begins"

Released 12th January 2020

  • New documentation (PR #75)
  • Changed ContentPack format to version 1.1
  • Update chinese localization
  • Better ask to follow compatibility (PR #73)
  • Fixed bug with MAIL master schedule parse
  • Fixed crash when you try to ask with unmet villager
  • Fixed broken vanilla checkAction code
  • Fixed vanilla functionality of Game1.getCharacterFromName()
  • Added suggestion dialogues for Abigail, Alex, Haley, Sebastion, Sam, Emily, Elliott, Leah, Harvey and Maru
  • NPC can suggest an adventure (requires 7 hearts and more. Can be changed in config) (PR #54)
  • Added option (in config file) to disable adventure mode and switch to classic mode (gameplay like in alpha versions)
  • You can recruit companion after you seen Marlon's introduction event (for adventure mode)
  • Added Marlon's invitation letter
  • Added introduction event with Marlon
  • Added adventure mode (PR #68)
  • Added new dialogue lines for Maru, Shane, Leah, Haley, Emily, Sebastian, Sam, Abigail, Alex, Elliott and Harvey
  • Added prosthetic (changeable) buffs for Maru. Hold G to change. (PR #72)
  • New dialogue engine (PR #70)

0.9.0 alpha

Released 31th December 2019

  • Added better compatibility with Custom Kissing Mod by Digus (requires Custom Kissing Mod 1.2.0 or newer) (PR #71)
  • Updated Chinese translation

0.8.0 alpha

Released 29th December 2019

  • Added Buffs for companions (PR #67)
  • Added Maru, Emily and Shane location dialogue lines (PR #69)
  • Added support for only once companion dialogues per game (PR #69)
  • Added ~ for mark randomized dialogues ($ still works, but deprecated) (PR #69)
  • Moved HUD down a little bit
  • Shane is no longer warrior, Sebastian got it!
  • French and Portuguese translations for Maru

0.7.0 alpha

Released 22th December 2019

  • Added chinese translation (by wu574932346)
  • Fixed empty skill in HUD for Leah and Haley

0.6.0 alpha

Released 20th December 2019

  • Added new companion location dialogue lines for Abigail, Alex, Haley, Sam and Sebastian (thx Cora Shirou)
  • Added French localization (thx Reikounet)
  • Added look around behavior into idle mode (PR #64)
  • Enhanced animations in idle mode (PR #64)
  • Remaked HUD: Moved to right side on screen (PR #63)
  • Remaked HUD: Added companion NPC avatar to HUD (PR #63)
  • Remaked HUD: Added status indicator icon (indicates follow, idle and fight mode)
  • Companions no longer say hi to monsters when fighting with them (PR #62)
  • Don't render HUD when event is up

0.5.1 alpha

Released 4th December 2019

  • Fixed null pointer crash in fight with Mummy (#57)

0.5.0 alpha

Released 3rd December 2019

  • Added support for content packs and localizations (#50)
  • Added user configuration (via config.json, see SMAPI docs) (#56)
  • Added portugal translation (by andril11, thank you!) (#52)
  • Use fist once per swing
  • Can use fist only on begin of swing
  • Avoid damage spam
  • Enhance warrior's skills with: 3% added min damage, 2-5% added knock back, 1% added effective area, added crit chance depends on positive daily luck
  • Fixed vanilla game nullpointer when try to fight while warping
  • Fixed sword swing animation to right layer (#55)
  • Fixed bug with Elliott's iddle behavior crash
  • Added Harmony patcher (for fix bug #55)

0.4.0 alpha

Released 26th November 2019

  • Makes NPC Adventures compatible with SDV 1.4 and SMAPI 3.0

From this version mod is compatible only with SDV 1.4 and SMAPI 3.0, not with older!

0.3.0 alpha

Released 20th November 2019

  • Different personal skills: warrior, fighter and doctor (next comming soon)
  • Doctor can heal you if your health is under 30% and can try to save your life before death
  • Warrior can use critical defense fists
  • Fighter can level up (syncing level with player) and can upgrade swords
  • Display personal skills in HUD (with mouseover tooltip)
  • Better critical defense fist fight animation and sound
  • Now Shane is warrior!

0.2.0 alpha

Released 12th November 2019

  • Idle mode (idle animations) (PR #36)
  • Fight speech bubbles (PR #29)
  • Refactored reflection (little bit)

0.1.0 alpha

Released 31th October 2019

  • Fixed NPC's end of route animation (PR #25)
  • Fix English a bit (PR #11)
  • Fighting with swords (PR #17, issue #18)
  • Sword swing animation
  • Damage system
  • Dynamic weapon cooldown based on random, player's skill and weapon speed
  • Better idle transition
  • Enhanced fist fight
  • Critical fist defense (if a monster is in companion's personal zone)
  • Show emote ! when critical fist defense activated
  • Better companion dispositions (issue #14, merged in PR #17)
  • Removed impossible Abby's buffs (PR #28)
  • Changed versioning system (See wiki Versioning plan)


Released 22th October 2019

Only for demo and preview purposes.

  • Ask NPC to a follow farmer (5 hearts and more required)
  • Recruited NPC can fight with monsters (with fists!)
  • Various dialogues for different locations (incomplete yet)
  • Can save items from our repository to a npc's backpack
  • If you want to break adventure, then you can release a companion
  • Next morning you can find a package with your items you saved in companion's backpack